Nye bøger

    • Robert W. Rix (ed.) - e-book
    • Norse Romanticism: Themes in British Literature, 1760–1830
    • Romantic Circles, 2012.
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    • Norse Romanticism: Themes in British Literature, 1760-1830 is a collection of texts that illustrate how the ancient North was re-created for contemporary national, political and literary purposes. The anthology features canonical authors (such as Thomas Gray, William Blake, William Wordsworth, Robert Southey, Walter Scott, and Ann Radcliffe). Standard editions of these authors' works generally lack the contextual framework and necessary commentary that explain the way in which they repurpose Norse material. There are also more unusual selections of lesser known writers, whose texts have not previously been available to modern readers. The range of material presented in the edition has the scope and breadth to allow for new research into the Norse-inflected writing during the period.