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Open Call for Papers: Romantik

Romantik – Journal for the Study of Romanticisms issue 2021

Since the inauguration of Romantik – Journal for the Study of Romanticisms in 2012, the plural of romanticisms has been central. The intention was to welcome Nordic and other transnational articles that ranged over a variety of approaches to romanticism, including the written word, visual arts, history, philosophy, religion and print history. In 2020, a new editorial board widened the scope of romanticisms to include later expressions of Romantic thought operating with different forms of re-enchantment. For the 2021-issue of RomantiK – Journal for the Study of Romanticisms, we welcome both papers that deal with the epoque of romanticism as well as those addressing later expressions of Romantic thought.

Contact: editor-in-chief dr. Gísli Magnússon,